ourWorld is a virtual world containing a range of online games and activities. It was developed by FlowPlay. ourWorld is for tweens and teens.


The game was originally designed for girls between the ages of 13 to 17 years old. After beta testing in April 2008, ourWorld was released to the public in September 2008 and development on ourWorld began on January 2007. In June 2009, FlowPlay has announced an interesting partnership with PopCap Games that sees the launch of a PopCap Arcade and Bejeweled Jewelry Store. On February 10th, 2009, FlowPlay announced that it has completed a long-term distribution agreement with Miniclip, resulting in ourworld’s integration into the Miniclip.com/


An avatar is you!


Flow is something you need to level up.

Flow Cheats

test-mode 42


To get flow the hard way you can dance randomly, talk, whisper or play games!

Gems and coins

Gems and coins are like money. Gems are rare for tourists. To get them use the Monthly Gem Code or the Facebook Gem Code. To get coins without any work use the Weekly Coin Code.


ourWorld levels go up to 100. You need flow to level up.


Badges on ourWorld are just like medals on Fantage. The difference is ourWorld badges are easier to get! To get badges do quests like from the girl at Soho.


Gifts are like presents you get on ourWorld. People use gems to get them for you. Please don’t beg for gifts because it’s very annoying.


Crews are like clubs people make. If you want to make your own you must:

  • Be on at least level 25
  • have 50 gems


Condos are like houses on ourWorld. Residents get 2x the size tourists have.

Dungeon Key

Lots of non-members have always wanted to visit the Dungeon place. They ask residents to group them there but if you try to unlock something you can’t because you have to be a  resident.

To find a key:

Look in random places. Mainly keys are found on the Boardwalk.

Dungeon keys upgrade when you unlock a chest. It only happens once.



August Updates:


Monthly Gem Code for August: 2F0A-EEEA-4BF8-9AF4


August Monthly Newsletter:





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  1. Well Hello April..
    My name Is Epic Monsterz x
    on ourworld my real name is April to,
    I am 14 nearly 15
    Add me and i have a potion like you

    • Hi Epic Monsterz x! I’ll be sure to add you! (:

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