How to Become a Reporter on Fantage

To become a reporter you have to be 30 days old or a premium member. Go to Mt. Fantage and click on the TEST podium thingy.


Here are the answers:

Why do you want to be a reporter?

A. I can cover what’s interesting!

When assigned a theme what would you do?

B. Stick to the assigned themes to send in your entry

Where is the Comet & Co. building located?

C. Mt. Fantage

How long should your article be?

A. A maximum length of 256 characters

 The reason I’m qualified to be a Reporter is because..

B.I’m a hard worker and never miss a good story

How often should you send articles?

B. Up to three per day

Could you write a good story for each article?

A. Certain! I am a born writer

What requirements must you meet to become a Reporter?

C. I need to be a basic member for over one month or a premium member

As a reporter this will be part of your job.

Cover unique events on Fantage

What is the first thing you’ll do after passing this test?

Do my best on my first assignment


If you get an A+, you can enter the Comet &Co(Reporters Only)

Enter Comet&Co.

Then you can click either :

  • only the Camera Icon if you’re a non member
  • the Camera Icon and Item if you’re a premium member


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