About Me

Hi I’m April. My full name is Miley Carter Olsyn. Names people know me as are Miley, Smiley53Miley, Akita Neru, Autumn, AprilKitten, and April! My birthday is on May 5. My favorite colours are navy  blue, black, neon orange and lime green. My interests are drawing, writing, sports, and skateboarding. I’m an outdoors person! I stay outside all the time!!

They games I play are ourWorld and Fantage. On Fantage I am level 375 and currently a premium member. Yes I have ecoins, but I’m not giving my account away. On ourWorld I’m level 77.

I’m a sporty tomboy. I love to wear Nike sneakers,Converse, Pumas, baggy pants, skinny jeans, hoodie sweater, and any grafic or Aerpostale tees that are basic. I love to play all kinds of sports. Some of these sports are soccer, basketball, kickball, football, and baseball.

 I’m not just sporty I’m also smart! My favorite subjects are Math, Science, and Phys. Ed. Yes I get good marks in every subject especally  the ones I just named.

My favorite season is Winter. I just love to play in the snow , build forts, and make snowmen. I hate the warm. In the winter I also sleep better. I also go skating once every year for a celebration week my school has for Carnaval!! I also love Christmas and opening gifts. My favorite holidays arebasically all the main ones, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.

Well that’s me! (: ~April~



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    • lmaoo CINCO DE MAYO (i forgot all about that so i think i spelled it wrong)

  2. OMG! YOUR PROFILE PIC!!! I LUV TOKYO MEW MEW! ❤ 🙂 Ichigo is awesome…

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