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November 18, 2011 at 4:41 pm | Posted in ourWorld | 2 Comments
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So most you you must be reading this post on my blog using Google Chrome. Am I right? If not then you should be. (sorry if you think I’m trying to force you or anything) Google Chrome has easy use to the internet. I recommend you getting it. It’s for free!

There is now an ourWorld app on Google Chrome! With the click of a button you can be going on ourWorld. Here are the instructions:

1: Install Google Chrome if you don’t have it already. Link: http://www.google.com/chrome

2: Install the ourWorld app simply by typing in “ourWorld” on the search bar in the Chrome Web Store. Link to Chrome Web Store(sorry I couldn’t get the link :S ) : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/home

3: Click on the app once it as installed and l into ourWorld.

Also I have just gotten the ourWorld toolbar and I just love it! I had it before but it suddenly stopped working. They improved on it so much. You get bonus gems now. 10 bonus gems a week just for having the toolbar! Wow! I also also(lmaoo) connected my ourWorld account to my Facebook. I’m not thirteen years old yet but it says you must be 13 years old. The way I did it was I went on my Facebook and went to the ourWorld app on Facebook and logged in from there. I got the Facebook necklace which gives you 100 flow boost. lolimsosmart:P

By the way I didn’t get the newsletter for November yet so no gems for now. D:

~April~ Sorry I hav’ent been posting much lately. :\



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  1. hi, landed here 🙂 can i know where did you get the ourworld toolbar? does it work for Google Chrome ? my OW is : zoey 2021

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