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So lately I haven’t been blogging because I have so much homeowrkk from my teacher. She is nice but ya she gives alot of homework. Today is the first day that I actually don’t have homework but I had to print a cover page for a project. That was a sec anyway.



1000 Gems Halloween Video Contest!!

Hi!! Jordan here with an amazing chance to win a ton of GEMS!

Are you ready for the 2011 ourWorld Halloween Video Contest?!

The Theme: ourWorld Halloween

Please choose a story title from our list (located under the rules section below) and create a story from it! Be creative! Dress yourself up, deck out your Condo, and tell us a spooky, scary, silly, awesome ourWorld Halloween story with one of our provided story titles! Get your friends to help!



How to Enter:

1. Choose ONE title from the list below and make your video! Be creative! Your time limit is 3 minutes. No videos longer than 3 minutes, please.

-Monster Highschool Mystery
-I am Dating a Vampire
-The Legend of the House of Horror
-The Witch’s Horrible Voodoo Curse
-The Secret Life of a Zombie
-Costume Party Mayhem

2. Upload your ourWorld Story video to YouTube. If you need help on how to do this, check out this link: YouTube Help

3. Please include your ourWorld name (or names if it’s a collaboration) in the ‘Description’ field of your video on YouTube. We can’t give you any prizes if you don’t include your ourWorld name!

4. Once your video is uploaded to YouTube, send us the link by using the ‘Share’ button, choosing ‘Email’, and addressing it to:

October 31st at Midnight P.S.T.

1st Place – 1000 Gems
2nd Place – 500 Gems
3rd Place – 250 Gems

Entries will be judged by the ourWorld staff based on the use of ourWorld in the video, story elements, and overall presentation. The winners will be announced and prizes awarded in December!

All valid entries will receive a special Gem award!


  • Videos should not be longer than 3 minutes in length.
  • No more than one entry per member.
  • Include your ourWorld name in the “Description” field of your video.
  • If your video is a collaboration and you’d like to split the prize, include the usernames of everyone involved.
  • Content should come primarily from ourWorld. Feel free to add additional sounds, dialog, effects, or text to best tell your story.
  • Content should be all-ages appropriate. Keep the video G-rated.
  • Entries that do not meet the rules and requirements will be disqualified.

~April~ I am totally going to enter! Arn’t you going to too?

P.S. : I have made a new YouTubechnel for my dng.  HAVEMPOVED ALT! Here is the link : http://youtube.com/user/apriilkitten ! Please Subscribe (;


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